Discover Your Next Favorite Book at Haslam’s Book Store

haslams books

Summer is a great time to relax on the balcony of your St. Petersburg apartment with a good book or lounge by the poolside while reading. If you could use a new book or two, one of the best book stores in the area is just ten minutes away from Ibis Walk Apartments. Haslam’s Book Store, which has been around since 1933, has a large selection of new and … [Read more...]

Enjoy Tasty and Healthy Meals at the Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

The Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant boasts some of the tastiest and healthiest cuisine found near your St. Peterburg apartments.  Source: Facebook

Fast food places are easy to come by, but where can you go for a healthy meal? The next time you’re looking for a nutritious place to eat, head over to Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant. Lotus, which is just ten minutes away from our St. Petersburg apartments, offers a menu full of healthy vegetarian options that are free of animal products. Start off your … [Read more...]

Find Just What You Need at the Tyrone Square Mall

The Tyrone Square Mall is one of the best shopping "hot spots" found near your St. Petersburg apartments.  Source: Facebook

Whether you need to stock up on summer clothes or look for home decor items, Tyrone Square Mall is the perfect place to go. The mall, which is close to our St. Petersburg apartments, offers plenty of great shopping options. Tyrone Square Mall features four big name anchor stores to browse through, along with tons of smaller stores and specialty shops. … [Read more...]

Go Green at Ibis Walk

Here are some great green living tips for anyone looking to live a little more of an eco-friendly lifestyle here at your St. Petersburg apartments.  Source: Pixabay

If you are the type who enjoys green living, you will love living at our beautiful Ibis Walk apartment community. It is eco-friendly and allows you to be as nice to the environment as possible. There are plenty of ways to go about living green, some of which you may not have even known about or considered. Here are green ways of living in your … [Read more...]

Get to Know Your Ibis Walk Neighbors

Here are some handy tips to help you "break the ice" and get to know your neighbors here at your St. Petersburg apartments.  Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

When you move into our lovely Ibis Walk apartment community, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. This is normal when you move, but if you are completely new to our apartments in St. Petersburg and to the area in general, it can be even more so. Of course, the best way to feel the most at ease after you begin to settle in is to get to know your neighbors. Here … [Read more...]